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Our clients include  project sponsors and developers  lenders, equity investors contractors and  governmental entities  cross the globe Our clients include  project sponsors and developers  lenders, equity investors contractors and  governmental entities  cross the globe Our clients include  project sponsors and developers  lenders, equity investors contractors and  governmental entities  cross the globe Our clients include  project sponsors and developers  lenders, equity investors contractors and  governmental entities  cross the globe

( PPP’s In Infrastructure & Funding of Projects )

– PPP’s Infrastructure’s Project Design our areas Include :

  • Airports and supporting facilities
  • Courthouses and correctional facilities
  • Defense
  • Educational facilities, including primary and higher learning
  • Gas transmission and distribution systems
  • Government buildings and related facilities
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Ports and marine terminals
  • Power and transmission facilities and systems
  • Public housing
  • Rail, including passenger rail and mass transit
  • Roads and bridges
  • Sports stadium and recreational facilities
  • Technology, including broadband and telecommunications
  • Waste and waste-to-energy
  • Water and wastewater

PPP’s Legal  & Financial Framework :

Our team of public-private partnership (PPP) lawyers have been at the heart of some of the largest and most complex PPP deals across the countries, providing comprehensive, strategic and commercial legal advice in connection with the development and financing of new PPP projects, privatization of existing assets, workout and restructuring of troubled projects and other transactions, including secondary market transactions.

Our clients include project sponsors and developers, lenders, equity investors, operators, contractors and governmental entities across the globe, and we provide them with a full range of PPP legal services including drafting and negotiating concession agreements, equity transactions, debt and capital markets transactions and construction and engineering agreements. We also provide related tax, real estate, environmental law, labor and employment and permitting advice from offices across the countries.

PPP (Public Private Partnerships) contract, BOT, BOOT, BTO between public and private sectors, included management all contractual phases, with the recent developments in the Egyptian economy and in the world financial markets a substantial injection of special investments in infrastructure and privatization in road construction, airports, education, renewable energy, health, housing & real estate development projects, sports facilities, transportation, public services and others by public private partnerships with the great support of the current government authority, by the partnership laws which to organization partnerships contracts between Public and private sector.

The financial services we offer include Merging & Acquisition processes, transferability of shares in projects and companies, capital increase so we have negotiated and implemented many agreements and a reasonably priced.

While also providing insurance advisory services and how to control and management of the risks related to the big and critical business to saving immovable or movable property assets by ERM. and established legal, technical and logistic conditions related to the companies of business.

Our integrated legal services cover a wide range; from managing all contracts related to the corporations and big business; Providing legal services to companies; Establishing joint stock, limited liability, one-person companies, etc.; Providing Real estate services, evaluation of real estate and land registration expected the real estate marketing and the registration of trademarks, patent and intellectual property and to manage the judicial disputes connected with them.

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