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Dr.Ahmed Alkalawy Profile

Dr.Ahmed Kalawy

Dr. Ahmed Kalawy

Highly qualified Legal Counsel with a specialty in MENA Corporations with skilled litigator to solve investors V.S Public Sectors – PPP, BOT, DBFO,

Professional Summary

  • Highly qualified Legal Counsel with a specialty in MENA Corporations with skilled litigator to solve investors V.S Public Sectors – PPP, BOT,DBFO,
  • Dedicated Legal professional offering expertise in economic, commercial, PPPs law, including MENA. Proven success in building trusting rapport with clients and offering sound legal advice in clear and universal terms. Hard working and dedicated to client advocacy.
  • Highly accomplished senior legal counsel with broad legal knowledge and history of providing counsel to government and private organizations across 23-year careers. Thorough in analyzing statutes, ordinances and data for use in legal proceedings, pleadings, contracts and briefs


  • Managing & drafting long term contracts such as: PPP, DBFO, BOT, Concession, Franchise.. etc.
  • Managing & drafting other types of contracts, Supply, Mortgage, Credit, Banks, Commercial Agency, buying & selling, Partnership,
  • Corporate and business legal issues
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Capital increase
  •  Dispute solves investors V.S public sector  
  • Intellectual property.
  • Commercial litigation experience
  • Settlement negotiation

Work History

Senior Legal Counsel for Americana Group       01/1997  Jun 2019

Americana Group – New Cairo- Cairo, Egypt
• Managed and organized all aspects of corporate and LLC based legal transactions, coordinating document flow and logistical preparation for complex legal transactional closings.
• Assisted in complex intellectual property litigation through discovery, trial and extensive client/expert contact.
• Promoted compliance by advising management on needed or prohibited actions to comport with government regulations.
• Advised AMERICANA GROUP, on achieving statutory compliance by interpreting regulations, suggesting company policies, and distributing literature on compliant work practices.
• Assessed proposed actions and employee conduct for potential liability and offered suggestions for risk management and remedy.
• Discussed, advised, and debated potential outcomes of Critical cases with the judge.


  • * 1990 / License in Law- Faculty of Law – Tanta University – Egypt.
  • * 2013 Diploma in public law  –Faculty of Law – Tanta University – Egypt.
  • * 2014 Masters  in Adminstrative law  –Faculty of Law – Tanta University – Egypt.
  • *Doctorate of Law Degree – In:
  • PPPs Contracts  (Public Private Partnerships) Comparative Studies UK, FRA, EGY, UAE.


  • Seasoned In legal professional with 22 years plus years of experience in the legal field where he held senior legal roles with AMERICANA GROUP that included 34 companies and managing the contracts Supply, Mortgage, Credit Banks, Commercial Agency, buying & selling, Partnership
    Legal Acumen – In-depth knowledge of legal proceeding, briefs, motions, client assessment, contract negotiation and review. with Huge Number of contracts (more than 5000 varieties of contracts)   through 22 years
  • Setting the Legal Framework and organization of PPP ( Public Private Partnership ) international contracts and others type of partnership Contracts (DBFO, BOT, BOOT, etc. to service Infrastructure projects Such as: Pumping stations, wastewater treatment, Potable and purified drinking water, Power Plant – Road construction – Housing construction – Transport and communication , Airport Health, Education, real stations
    Corporate Litigation – Maintained all nondisclosure agreements through the negotiation process and proposed language modifications to company agreements.

    • Merging LEDER FOODS Co. For Potato & MAI MISR Co. for biscuit into SENYORITA company in 2008
    • Merging AL-ALAMY Co. for Carton into SENYORITA Company in 2019
    • Highly qualified Legal Counsel with a specialty in Corporations in MENA. Skilled litigator more than 4900 case litigation
    • Renewed contract of the FARM FRITS Franchise between FARM FRITES Netherland company & AMERICANA GROUP
    • Managing the Litigation, dispute against the Microsoft Corporation for WINDOWS trademark in 29, 30 categories, and registered the WINDOWS trademark in 29, 30 categories locally and internationally by litigation verdict.
  • Highly Expertise in mediation and negotiation and resolve the disputes of the private sector with the public sector, such as ANWAL corporation – Gamil Al- Kinabat (Saudi investors) with the Egyptian Government.
  • • Building the legal strategies for Joint stock companies
    • Resolved product issue in markets with the food competent authorities
    • Supervised Legal team of [30] staff members

Certifications /Members

  • Member of WAPPP (World Association of PPP Units – Geneva -)      -Present.
  • Member of BnF (La Bibliotheque national de France) Paris. No. 2008151 – Present
  • International Certificate of Patent Agent & Registration of Trademarks- Intellectual Property Disputes – 2005
  •  Certificate Egyptian Arbitration Chamber in Arbitration – 2008
  • Certificate of POWER, of DECISION.  (highly& Professionally Program, Workshop). 2012
  • Certificate in The Advanced Management Skills, (highly& Professionally Workshop). 2012
  • Certificate of International Arbitration Consultants in Investment Disputes and International Rules.  (Program & Workshop).
  • Certificate of International Arbitration Consultants in Investment Disputes and intellectual Property Contracts (Program in Cairo University). 2011
  • Certificate in BALANCED SCORE CARD (Training & Workshop). 2015
  • Certificate in TRANSFORMATION and CHANGE (Program & workshop). 2017
  • Speaker at MENA Forum Summit of PPP in Dubai – December 2019
  • Speaker at international PPP’s contract Financial summit in Dubai Jan
  • Joint in international public private partnership IPPP – Dubai Oct 2021.
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